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Garage Door Rollers Replacement

Garage door rollers are attached to the door and help the garage door slide in the roller tracks. Integrally with hinges and brackets, they allow your door quietly to move up and down. There are only a few designs present on the market today. You can get hard plastic rollers, steel with no bearings inside, or nylon garage door rollers with bearings.

Plastic rollers are the cheapest ones and usually installed at the new houses to reduce the final property price. They do not have a big number of life cycles and typically must be replaced after one-two years of use.

Steel rollers have a bigger number of life cycles than the plastic ones, but they are noisy and need to be maintained at least twice a year. This is the old fashion garage door rollers.

And the last, but not the least, nylon rollers. They are quiet, have different performance types, and capacity. One of the most popular types of the nylon garage door rollers is a nylon roller with 11 bear balls, 75 pounds maximum capacity and warranty up to 15,000 lifetime cycles. This type of roller needs to be maintained at least once per six months. The next subtype of the nylon rollers is a sealed system roller with 13 bear balls, 85 pounds maximum capacity per roller, and 25,000 lifetime cycles. But the best subtype of the garage door rollers is Z Bearing rollers with 105 pounds maximum capacity and 50,000 lifetime cycles. Some manufacturers can even provide you with a lifetime warranty for these guys. What is also important, the first two types are mostly produced in China, but Z Bearing type rollers are typically produced in the United States and as for now this is the best type of roller you can get.


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