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Aluminum Garage Doors

The aluminum garage doors are the lightest doors on the market. Conjointly with wooden and steel garage doors, the aluminum doors are among the three most popular door types in the residential garage door industry for the moment, but like any other product, it has pros and cons. So now let’s figure out, in what cases this type of doors is most suitable.

The most important advantages of the aluminum garage door installation are lightweight, little amount of maintenance, and natural rust and corrosion resistance. What does that mean for the customer or homeowner?

The lightweight is to say that this door will be much easier to install, and what is most important, this door type will put less stress on the springs, tracks, and cables. This is going to improve the entire garage door system lifetime.

The little amount of maintenance is actually caused by a combination of two other factors, lightweight and natural rust and corrosion resistance. In contrast to the wooden garage doors, by using the aluminum door, on the assumption of initial professional installation, your maintenance is good as once per year and the natural rust and corrosion resistance will protect your garage door from all kinds of putrefaction and corrosion.

But what about the disadvantages? Here they are. The biggest con of the aluminum garage door is the material the door is made of. Aluminum is a soft metal. For the homeowner that is can become a real problem. Even play balls from kids or hints can cause damage like dents on the aluminum door as well as strong wind or storm. If you live in such places, the aluminum door is not the best option for you.

So, if you live somewhere next to the ocean or you need to get a door for your storage, the aluminum garage doors are your best choice.

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