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Garage Door Opener Repair

The door opener is the heart of the garage door system. It is extremely important to keep your opener in good working order, otherwise, it can cause injury or property damage. Here at Mr. Door we can repair, install, or provide you with all types of garage door opener systems. For our customers, we recommend systems from LiftMaster, Genie, Craftsman, or Chamberlain. All these manufacturers are leaders in the garage door systems world.

It is easy to get lost in this variety for the inexperienced person, but we will try to guide you through this unexplored area. In fact, there are a few main types of garage door openers that exist in the market: chain-driven openers, belt-driven openers, and wall-mounted openers. Let’s figure out what all of these designations mean.

The chain-driven garage door opener is one of the traditionally used types in the market. These openers are affordable, reliable, and well designed, but they have some disadvantages like noise during opening and closing. When operating and lifting the garage door openers using a metal chain is a trustworthy way to lift heavy doors. They control the door like your bicycle chain controls the wheels.

Most likely customers use 1/2 hp motor power operators, but for the heavy doors, it is better to install a 3/4 hp motor power garage door operator.

Belt driven garage door opener, in fact, is the most silent type of openers in the industry. These openers quiet, trustworthy, but from the other side, their advantages make them more expensive comparing to the chain-driven openers. To operate the garage door this type of opener uses a rubber belt and DC motor for quiet operations.

Same as chain-driven openers, belt-driven garage door openers use 1/2 hp motor power operators for standard doors and 3/4 hp motors for heavy ones.

Wall-mounted garage door openers are also designated “jackshaft” and commonly used to free up the low headroom. These openers are extremely quiet and perfectly suitable for bedroom surrounded garages, but the disadvantage is a higher upfront cost. Wall-mounted garage door openers can be installed on both sides of the door for improved performance.

Another advantage is the size of openers and no need to build up the metal skeleton to support it. It going to save your time and initial investments during garage doors installation. As well as belt or chain-driven openers, modern wall mounted opener typically has a built-in automation system such as a back-up battery, MyQ technology for those customers who want to get an ability to control the opener from their mobile device or laptop.


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