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Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors use the same operation doctrine as residential garage doors. There are only three common door types in the commercial garage door industry at the moment. Here they are sectional overhead doors, roll-up doors, and fire-rated doors.

The sectional overhead garage doors are similar to the most common residential garage door type. Generally, the sectional doors are made from galvanized steel with internal insulation which helps to keep your property cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This type of garage door is typically operated manually or by an opener which moves the door all the way up and then brings it back to the lower position.

The roll-up doors have a self-explanatory name. This type of garage door rolls up to a single-coil when opened and is typically kept in the coil when rolled up. To be able to make an easy roll, the roll-up doors are made from this material, much thinner than other doors. That gives them the required flexibility to move up and down. These doors are a perfect solution for any kind of open space warehouse or property with no accommodation for the rails of the overhead door.

The fire rated garage doors work in pretty much the same way as roll-up garage doors. They can be operated either manually or by the motorized unit. The main and the most important difference is the material the doors are made of. The fire rated garage doors are made from thick stainless steel which offers a better level of insulation, noise reduction, and most importantly, fire protection. These doors also may have an auto-closing option in case a fire alarm is detected.

As you can see there are a lot of possibilities with different types of commercial garage doors. Before you make your choice, think of what you value the most and give a call to the pros to Mr. Door at 630-470-0204 and our experts will provide you with a free professional consultation and an estimate.


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