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Steel Garage Doors

Conjointly with wooden and aluminum garage doors, the steel doors are among the three most popular door types in the residential garage door industry for the moment. As usual, there are pros and cons to having a steel garage doors. Let’s find them out.

Before going deeply in details, we must state that steel garage doors are always available in many different styles with or without insulation. For the homeowner that means no problem to find the doors, he likes with little-time investments. In contrast to the wooden doors, steel garage doors do not require much attention and investment. You do not need to sand or paint them periodically. All you need to do is wash the door twice a year and that is it.  Your garage door looks like new. In addition to that, the steel doors are reasonably priced. Typically, the cost of steel garage doors is one third that of wooden garage doors. When comparing steel and aluminum garage doors, it is clear that steel garage doors have the same downsides as the potential for dents and damage. You can easily damage your new door by car or any other object. Steel garage doors are subject to corrosion, unlike aluminum or wooden garage doors.

So, if you are on the way to purchase a steel garage door, make sure you have read all of the pros and cons. If you still have any doubts, give us a call at 630-470-0204 and our experts will provide you with free professional consultation and estimation.


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